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Guide to Explore India| India Tourist Information DTNT

Guide to Explore India

The Indian subcontinent is a varied country with mountains, hills, sea, and cities; being home to multi-cultural people, India can provide an experience like no other. The only country where Lions and Tigers breed in natural habitat, needless to say why India is called Incredible India. And if one is wishing to visit and experience India this comprehensive travel guide will surely help to fulfill the traveler’s heart’s desire.

India has deserts and cold deserts, both offering a different view to deserts. Then the National Parks for the great safari experience. Also, there is the city and its cuisine, with its food, life can be so tasty, only in India. And if all these were not enough, Indian coastline provides the best beach experience with a party destination like Goa. Visit India and experience with your own eyes.

The best time to visit India is based on every person own temperature choices, what's bearable can be the best time; though the world prefers the winter monsoon and summer can be great as well. From the states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Kerala, Sikkim, etc open all year round welcoming tourist to mesmerize them. Also the great national parks, such a wild experience to see the Lions and tigers rule their own kingdom.

Indian cuisine is also what people should experience; the cuisine is one of its kinds as every state has its own cuisine to offer, being a diverse land is sure that you will return with some gained weight that is so worth it. All the food is made with love to take the taste buds on a journey of food, with the spices acting to accentuate the taste. And if all this is not enough taking the local handicrafts as a memory of India.

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India is sure to keep travelers at awe with its deserts, the great Himalayas that makes people reflect at life, the gentle backwater of Kerala and its life-giving feeling, etc, truly Incredible India.


Explore Attractions By Destination

India is diverse and it can help travelers decide their choices as India got so much to offer to everyone.

UNESCO Heritage


These sites are sites where life began or where architecture defined how strong and gifted Indians were. Paying homage to these sites is necessary as it defines the history of India

Cultural Heritage


Being a diverse country delve into the depths of Indian practices, traditions, and cuisines that have been passed down through generations; an experience unlike any other.


India experiences tourists during every season of the year. The summers are hot but this is the season for hill stations, the monsoon is dominated by Cherrapunji, the wettest place mesmerizes the whole world. The winter can be the hills for the snow or the alleyways and the forts in the cities.



India is very well connected with roads and highways. Every city has an airport to make traveling easier. Trains and buses runs every day connecting every part of India. Thus traveling in India is rather very easy and fun where meeting new people can be a marvelous touch to the trips.







Indian fairs and festivals are the marks of the Indian culture. With over a billion of people belonging to multiple different cultural backgrounds, all of India experiences fests, fairs, festivals, and merry-making throughout the year. This makes India get ranked among the top travel destination around the world.

Fair and Festival

Traveling to India can be a fun experience with so much of culture to offer. The colorful festivals and the bright faces of people bring the world close with open arms, where people of all walk of life walk around smiling at each other.

Indians have a habit to celebrate all throughout the year this makes India a happy country. All year round there is a festival going on, from the cultural festival of Holi to the Pushkar camel festival. Life here is extravagant and party.

All these festival shows the secular nature of India. Eid and Diwali both are celebrated among all the people of India. And there is a fair that takes place every 12 years later named Kumbh Mela, the world’s largest gathering. Being lucky to experience one can show the divine culture of India.

Visit India during any time and be sure to find a festival or fair waiting to take the breath away with its color and life.