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Paragliding Tour Packages- Best Paragliding Holiday Packages India|DTNT
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Paragliding Tour Packages

Paragliding is an adventure sport where the lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider is used to soar through the wind. A glider sits on the harness that is suspended below the wing, and the wing is given direction by changing the shape that is done with suspension lines. It's a unique experience where one can cover long distances while sitting with the pilot for a long time. The wind on the face, the height, the adrenaline rush, together makes this adventurer sport an eye-opener as well.

Around the year 1991-92, a group of foreigners wanted to experience Kullu Valley in India through the air, and they introduced in India the sport of paragliding. Now there are multiple places where one can go for such an experience.

Bir Biling, Kunjapuri, Pavana, Nandi Hills, Bedni Bugyal, Yelagiri, Shillong, Arambol, Aravalli hills, and the Satpura ranges are well-known places to experience such a thrilling adventurous ride. Sikkim is a state in India, where one can also indulge in such sport, all around the state.

Paragliding tour packages are available online for one to plan to go out and be a part of this thrilling adventure sport.

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