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Monsoon Tour Packages| Monsoon packages in India |DTNT

Monsoon Tour Packages

There is a certain charm associated with the rainy season of India. In case, you don’t consider this time to be ideal for vacations, there are certain places in India that will make you change your perspective about monsoon in India.

If you want to enjoy vacations relaxing with your dear one while the smell of soil and light raindrops accompany your romantic holiday then you must experience the monsoon tours of India at least once.

You can opt for a trip to Cherrapunji, this part of the world is one of the most romantic places on earth due to its heavy rain throughout the year and it is also considered as the second wettest place on earth, right after Mawsynram. Far away from the chaos and pollution of the city the road to Cherrapunji is mostly covered with dense forest, limestone caves, living root bridge, and the mountains are naturally garnished with numerous waterfalls.

While enjoying the fresh monsoon air you can also visit equally mesmerizing destinations like Coorg, in Karnataka, or Shillong in Meghalaya, Alleppy or Munnar in Kerala to experience the captivating beauty of monsoon in India that assures you an unforgettable vacation.

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