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Best Destinations to visit in April in India|DTNT


The onset of summer is here, welcome April with umbrellas and sunscreen ready or packs the bags to beat the heat for good. During April the most popular location can be the hills. The summer is getting ready to make life tough, and full of sweat and all one needs now is cool weather to relax.

Himachal Pradesh, North East India, Uttarakhand, J&K, the hill station in South India and Darjeeling; the most comprehensive list is just this.

Shimla, the summer capital of British East India Company sure lives up to its name; nestled in the state of Himachal Pradesh, can be a good stop before traveling other places, or just stay there and experience life unfold.

If possible jump on a train to Uttarakhand, like for real, go meet some famous writers in the library in the Mussoorie City or Just take a walk and go on a shopping spree in Dehra Dun. The possibilities in India are endless; no matter what month it is. Just take a quick sip of coffee and enjoy the weather, and the mountains trying to impress you all the time. If basking in attention was real, visit the hills in summer one can feel it unfold with the utmost attention a traveler gets from these mountains.

Darjeeling is a great choice as well. A small city in West Bengal but beautiful in itself; it’s a city but still mesmerizingly beautiful, with nature peeking from every corner. Gangtok is not far away from here, another location close to Darjeeling in the state of Sikkim. This state capital is sure to make you feel like you in some European location, be sure to take some pictures.

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List of Top Destinations to Visit in April