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Rajasthan Tour Packages |Rajasthan Holiday Tour by DTNT
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Rajasthan, as the name reeks, is the place of various ‘Rajas' and these kings have left their mark on this differently beautiful place with their palaces and forts etc. A visit to Rajasthan, the largest city in India, in the northwestern part of the country, will take you back to the bygone eras when those Rajas actually ruled. Although the thirst of the wanderer within you won’t be satiated by a short trip, spare few days, to bask in the glory of this treasured land.

These few days are enough to roam through the renowned cities that lend Rajasthan its grand flavor. The Rajasthan tour will include Jaipur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, and Jodhpur and you will get to have more than just a glimpse of these wonderful places. The following tour plan will lead you to your desired destination with this scheduled duration.

The place is known for its semi-arid to arid weather and though each month has its own beauty, yet the time between October to May is the best to traverse this sandy state. The people here are very hospitable in spite of their hard life and the myriad hues of their dresses and turban will insist you re-visit this place.

Rajasthan tourism has a lot to offer, be it in form of the national parks, bird sanctuaries or through the way they celebrate festivals like Holi, Gangaur, Kartik Purnima etc. with colors and warmth. Just be attentive enough while walking across the enchanting architectures and the vast stretches of sand and you will have a plethora of memories to cherish of the moments you have spent in this limited time.

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